Hongyun’s future table tennis friendly match is a great success!

At 1 pm on September 19, the "'Hongyun Future Table Tennis Friendly Match" kicked off in the table tennis room on the first floor of the gymnasium. The participants in this competition are mainly employees from all levels of the company, and a total of about 30 contestants signed up to participate. This competition is divided into two types: singles and teams, and the single-elimination system is adopted. The game was played between many evenly matched athletes, which also made the game more exciting. Straight shots, horizontal shots, spikes, spin balls, curve balls, etc. were all reflected. Cheers, excited', strikes, and the sound continues. In the end, after nearly 3 hours of fierce battle, Xiao Wu of the Operation Department defeated the heroes and won the singles championship in one fell swoop. The national defense team is no less. Won the team championship. It can be said that everyone is happy. During the competition, the athletes sweated like rain, worked hard, and never gave up until the last moment, which deeply moved everyone present. The competition ended successfully in January in harmony and laughter. This not only provides an opportunity for the majority of faculty, staff and national defense students to communicate with each other and learn about golf skills, but also provides an opportunity to show themselves and improve continuously, and also promote further cooperation among employees of various departments, which will help the company to develop smoothly in the future.,lying a solid foundation.


Post time: Sep-22-2022