About Us



Who We Are?

NingBo HongYun Packaging Co.Ltd is Founded in 2006, It is a leading supplier that firmly takes the product diversification route and develops the packaging strategy of skin care products, and is committed to realizing the integrated service of packaging materials for every beauty-loving person.
After more than ten years of development and innovation, HongYun has gained a certain reputation in the packaging material industry, has been recognized by many customers, and has its own unique advantages and product characteristics.

What We Do?

Our main products are trigger sprayer, lotion pump, mist sprayer, perfume atomizer, various cosmetics package(such as cream jar ,powder spray bottle,airless bottle etc.)

Our products are widely used in daily necessities, cosmetics, medical treatment and other fields, and we have launched a series of cooperation with numerous internationally renowned enterprises in the field of beauty.

Why Choose us?

1. High customer satisfaction

Our company is a self-export enterprise that has 90% of our products exported to countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and others. Customers have widely praised HongYun for our products and services.

2. Well-trained and experienced team

we have a professional foreign trade team as well as a perfect quality control management system to provide customers with high quality products and thoughtful service.

3. Always protect customer privacy

Whether it is personal information such as your area or intellectual value such as design ideas, we can guarantee that these will not be leaked. Your privacy is guarded by us to avoid unnecessary trouble and sales bombing from others due to information leakage.

We believe that in the nearest future, NingBo HongYun Packaging Co.Ltd, Would be your most reliable partner !!!