Lotion Bottle

We have been a empty lotion containers supplier for over 17 years. Durable PET Plastic is lightweight, impact resistance and shatterproof alternative to glass. The use of premium quality thick plastic ensures that you get durable and reliable plastic bottle that does not break easily. PET is globally renowned as a safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. each empty lotion bottle is equipped with a sturdy and reliable pump, and the shower gel can come out when pressed, without leakage or dripping; You can press it according to the appropriate strength to avoid waste the pump bottle dispensers are made of quality plastic, sturdy and secure, reliable and reusable, no bad smell, and not easy to rust; If you hold different liquids next time, you can rinse the liquid stuck on the inner wall of the product with water first Our refillable lotion bottle are available in colors of white, amber, cobalt blue, and more, to block harmful UV rays - keeping your creams fresher, and longer! The body of the empty pump bottles with pump adopts transparent color, so you can clearly check the remaining contents, facilitate timely filling, bringing you more convenience in daily life and travel. All lotion bottles accept customization,All of our custom lotion bottles can be fully customized from color to finish and printing. Welcome to inquire for the best price! Trust us to be your trusted packaging partner!