Trigger Sprayer

We have been  trigger sprayer supplier for over 17 years. Our plastic trigger sprayer are made of high-quality material and are available in different colors. Spray trigger replacements are made of quality plastic material, strong and sturdy, not easy to deform or break, can retain its color and shape after long time use, you can use them with confidence. These spray bottle nozzles are made of quality plastic material, reliable and reusable, sturdy and safe, lightweight and not easy to break or fade, which can serve you for a long time; The spray nozzle is designed with 3 different modes, which can be adjusted by turning the knob. The three modes are spray mode, water column mode and off mode, which can meet your needs for different purpose. DIY cleaning solutions, house keeping, window cleaning, car washes, auto detailing, lawn care, pet training, misting and watering plants, succulents, herbs, ironing, laundry, and more. Welcome to inquire foam trigger sprayer for the best price! Trust us to be your trusted packaging partner!