Nail Pump

We have been a nail pump supplier for over 17 years. Dispenser Bottle is made of premium pp material, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally. Thick bottle design, not easy to dump.White and transparent color combination, absolutely clear, simple and beautiful, easy to carry. Our Nail Polish remover pump can suitable for nail polish removers as well as nail cleaners and cleansers. It has a top dish, easy to use fabric or towel paper to absorb the liquid from bottle.  A flip top cap also can keeps odors contained. We also have suitable bottles for these pumps. Alcohol Liquid containers are built-in pressure spring, used for many times without deformation, long-lasting. Easy to use, pour liquid into the empty bottle before you use, then just open the cap and press the pump to get liquid out.simply put a piece of cotton pad on the pump top and just push down, the liquid will rise to the surface instantly and dispensing on the pad. Great dispenser for professional salon use or home use. Can be used for alcohol ,acetone, nail polish remover, makeup remover ,or as toner container ,shampoo dispenser when travel and etc.Perfect for liquid dispensing on cotton ball, swabs, brushes and nail towel.. Welcome to inquire nail polish remover dispenser for the best price! Trust us to be your trusted packaging partner!